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OEL material evaluation

UV/VIS spectrum measurements (sample preparation: Vacuum-deposited thin film)

PL spectrum measurements (sample preparation: Vacuum-deposited thin film)

The material degradation characteristics by a long time heating


Evaluation of OEL elements

Electric current/ Voltage/ Luminance (IVL) characteristics

EL spectrum measurements

Luminance half life evaluation

Heat-resistant test

Shelf life evaluation in a high-temperature environment


Gas barrier evaluation


ITO substrate evaluation


Other optical measurement etc

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Evaluation report

Evaluation report


The elements appearance and observation of the light-emitting surface


It was found that the element has a good light-emitting surface without the light(dark)spot by our observations of the enlarged light-emitting part.



EL spectrum measurements


The followings show spectrums of the prepared OEL element made from common materials. It was found that spectrums have a peak at about 520nm peculiar to the Alq.



Electric current・Voltage・Luminance  (IVL) characteristics evaluation



Luminance half-life evaluation


In the drive time of within 1000 hours, we predicted that the first luminance that reaches the luminance half is about 1700 cd/m2 roughly, and performed the luminance half-life evaluation. In addition, we performed aging to stabilize element light-emitting luminance under the following conditions.


 (The aging conditions) 

・Luminance: about 800 cd/m2
・Constant current driving: 1.2mA

・Driving current: 10 minutes


The results of the evaluation are shown in the graphs. The vertical axis shows the luminance, and the graphs are standardized as the value of first luminance is 1.